Business must have an extensive understanding of their market, product and sector. We work closely with you to evaluate your dynamic environment operating environment. We empower clients with invaluable information to help understand operational performance and how it translates to economic income. We direct your attention to areas where you can gain a competitive advantage.

Business Advisory

We specialise in getting startups and small business up and running profitably. We have a variety of solutions that will enable you enjoy growth in your chosen business.
You will receive timely up to date information about your business, market and how you can align your operations to profitably delivervwhat your customers need.
This is a rewarding relationship as we partner with you through operational, strategic planning and performance monitoring.

Business Planning

Having a goal gives every business a purpose and sense of direction. We develop various business plans tailored to client circumstance. These plans could be for marketing, strategy, operations, financial projections for profitability, cashflow or financial positions as required by venture capital and or lenders to raise funds to grow business.


Our experienced consultants are experts in analysing financial and non-financial data from within and outside the business operations. We translate this data into invaluable information in reports to support management in making the right decisions in areas such as pricing, investment appraisal, product costing and project accounting.


MQSP advice and support clients in the design, build and implementation of accounting
systems to deliver operational and or statutory change.
Our competences are in SAP ECC, IBM Cognos TM1 and QuickBooks. We build business models using MS Excel to meet various purposes such as reporting, valuations, and forecasting.

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