Tax Services

As an Accountancy firm that understands your business tax and compliance obligation MQSP provides a broad range of services and advice to individuals, businesses and charities and our areas of speciality include:

Tax Advice and Planning

We provide expert advice on how to comply with tax regulations. This includes making robust plans regarding income, profits, and investments. Our experienced tax advisors will provide you with straightforward guidance tailored to your financial situation. We achieve this by working in partnership with you to understand your financial goals and develop effective strategies that ensures tax regulations are complied with and your business finances enjoys huge improvements. This is not only in terms of cash flow and profit, but also in protecting the wider interest and securing wealth for the future. 

Property Tax

From Stamp Duty to Capital Gains Tax (CGT), property tax has become a major burden for landlords as they’ve been forced to deal with significant changes to mortgage interest relief, as well as rise in Stamp Duty changes and new, stringent regulations on property lending.

MQSP can advise on the tax implications of property purchases from start to finish, and are the experts in tax-deductible allowances, repairs, and taxable revenue. We help Landlord file their tax returns for the relevant tax year.

Corporation Tax

At the end of the year, we prepare the company’s annual accounts in accordance with the relevant accounting standard and the tax liability calculations. This is reviewed with Directors and the corporation tax return is completed and submitted to the HMRC.

Capital Gains Tax

We are Chartered Accountants with specialist knowledge of capital gains tax.  We offer advise on how to make the most of the tax on your shares or property.

Seek our advice in structuring your financial affairs and be rest assured that you will not be paying any more capital gains tax than you absolutely have to. In addition, we shall complete all of the necessary paperwork for you and communicate with HMRC, to agree the liability, on your behalf.

Self-Assessment Tax Returns

We prepare timely self-assessment tax returns, calculate tax liabilities and advise on payments of tax. This service is offered to our individuals, sole traders, directors, and partners operating a partnership business.

Partnership Tax Returns

We ensure that your tax return is correct and income sources within the partnership are reported correctly, in line with HMRC’s reporting standard.

CIS Returns

At MQSP we are experts in all aspects of the Construction Industry Scheme. With the right help, we can make all the difference in getting your CIS monthly returns calculated and sent in on time with no mistakes.

Tax Investigation

Expert technical experience, careful negotiating, and sound advice can also make a significant difference in the tax liability, penalty, and charges that result.

If you are being investigated by HMRC or plan to make a voluntary tax report, our tax professionals at MQSP have over 10 years of experience dealing with tax audits and voluntary tax disclosures. We can handle the whole process for you or advise you on the best course of action.


By handling all of your VAT returns, we will relieve you of the burden. We make sure that all deadlines are met and that all required forms are submitted on your behalf.

We will also help you understand the different VAT schemes available, such as the flat rate system, cash accounting, and annual accounting. We’ll sit down with you to figure out which alternative will save you the most money.

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